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William Stanier 8F 2-8-0 Class locomotives
SRL No 907 Stanier 8F Class No 48060 at Ratcliffe with a coal train 20th April 1960SRL No 601 LMS 8F Class No 48077 at Aisgill 1965SRL No 353 8F Class No 48077+48506 and Class 5 No 44675 at Blea Moor 19th August 1967SRL No 352 8F Class No 48077 + 48506 on the 'Blackburn Rails' at Blea Moor 19th August 1967SRL No 797 Stanier 8F No 48214 coaling stage at Crewe South MPD in 1966SRL No 562 BR 8F Class No 48267 on shed at Stockport Edgeley 1967SRL No 490 Royston MPD October 1967 8F Class No 48276+48664SRL No 830 Stanier 8F No 48313 at Manchester Victoria station 4 June 1967SRL No 723 8F Class No 48321 on shed at Newton Heath in November 1967SRL No 525 8F Class No 48350 at Ashchurch for Tewkesbury station 1963SRL No 561 BR 8F Class No 48505 at Sandbach Junction coal empties 1967SRL No 619 LMS BR 8F Class No 48517 somewhere near Worcester in 1965SRL No 822 Stanier 8F Class No 48602 with coal empties at Sowerby Bridge 26th August 1966.SRL No 358 8F Class No 48632 at Chester General station in June 1967SRL No 783 LMS 8F Class No 48687 on a freight approaching Knighton Tunnel near Leicester Sat 6th March 1965SRL No 508 BR 8F Class No 48716 at Agecroft in 1961SRL No 589 MRTS&SVR North West rail tour 20th April 1968 8F No 48773 departs Bolton stationSRL No 504 8F Class at Bletchley in June 1964SRL No 506 BR 8F Class at Chinley Brian Noakes

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